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Palin Alaska Show Lands at Discovery: Report

The monstrously successful cable conglomerate appears poised to jump into bed with the enormously divisive Palin

Discovery Communications appears to be the only major cable conglomerate still interested in a Sarah Palin-Mark Burnett unscripted project.

After weeks of hype, but no official pronouncements, the Maryland-based Discovery appears ready to fork over as much as $1 million per episode for a Palin-hosted Alaskan travelogue, Variety reported late Monday. The trade said Discovery appeared to have landed the show after A&E Networks dropped out of contention earlier Monday.

Of course, just last week, another trade reported that Discovery had passed on the project. But because Sarah Barracuda is involved, media types — TV MoJoe included — are obligated to report every last bit of news related to this really uninteresting-sounding project.

We’ll always love Burnett, of course. But when he does projects like this — and "Design Star" … for HGTV! — we’ve got to wonder whether he lost a bet with Jeff Probst or something.