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Pamela Anderson’s Team Kept Her in the Dark About ‘Pam & Tommy’ Series

The ”Baywatch“ star’s people perceived it as a ”hurtful project,“ a rep tells the Wall Street Journal

Why wasn’t Pamela Anderson involved in the making of the Hulu series “Pam & Tommy,” about the sex tape scandal with her and ex-husband Tommy Lee? The “Baywatch” star expressed her disappointment to the Wall Street Journal about not being contacted as a consultant, but a rep for the star told WSJ her own staff kept the “hurtful project” from her.

“It’s like, I’m right here. Hello? I’m alive. Maybe you want to sit down and talk to me and find out more? But they didn’t,” Anderson told the WSJ Magazine.

But according to the Journal, a representative for Anderson said the Disney-owned streamer did indeed reach out to her staff, but that it did not approach her with the inquiries “because they perceived it to be a hurtful project.”

“Pam & Tommy” co-creator D.V. DeVincentis told IndieWire in August, “We tried every step of the way to reach out to her. We didn’t get any response from her.” He added that he felt he and co-creator Robert Siegel, “were so on her side; she was our hero.”

Earlier this week, Anderson told Variety, “I refuse to watch it.” She called the people behind the Emmy-nominated series, “A–holes… Salt on the wound” and that they “still owe me a public apology.”

She’s made her own Netflix documentary in the meantime, “Pamela, A Love Story,” which tells the story from her perspective. It debuted Tuesday on the streamer. Anderson added that she invited Lily James, who played her in “Pam & Tommy,” to Monday’s premiere.

“I’ve got nothing against Lily James,” Anderson said. “I think that she’s a beautiful girl and she was just doing the job. But the idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me.”

Before “Pam & Tommy” premiered, Anderson’s friend Courtney Love blasted the project and James. In a now-deleted post, she said that the limited series was “further causing [Anderson] complex trauma.” She also wrote, “shame on Lily James whoever the f— she is.”