Panasonic Demos ‘Full HD 3D’ Television

Using Olympics, “Avatar” footage, new models bring action to the home entertainment center

Wondering what the colorful truck is in the corner of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium parking lot at 4th and Pico?

In conjunction with the Future of Film Summit going on nearby Tuesday, Panasonic pulled up a truck to demonstrate its "Full HD 3D" television sets.

The truck contains 50-inch and 103-inch models, and a 150-inch model is promised for next year as well.

The 103-inch model, however, should be large enough to impress most people.

Using a mix of race-car footage, scenes from the Beijing Olympics’ Opening Ceremony, Macgillivray Freeman’s latest film "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk" and the "Avatar" trailer, Panasonic shows off the impressive 3D capabilities of its plasma televisions.

The sports footage is as realistic as if you were at the event watching, while the screen seems to expand exponentially to accommodate the views of the Grand Canyon. "Avatar" also looks pretty darn good.

And, of course, there’s water splashing the camera and confetti shooting out of the screen, as would be expected from 3D.

Start saving those pennies now… and get a taste of the technology here.