The ‘Paranormal Activity’ of Public Service Announcements

A British campaign gets real with its anti-binge drinking message. Plus: A Jersey Shore-themed drinking PSA

Last Updated: December 13, 2009 @ 11:37 AM

The matter-of-fact realism that made "Paranormal Activity" such a smash seems to have inspired some British PSA-makers.

The UK’s National Health Service last month launched a series of PSAs which start off with young folks getting completely pissed, er, drunk. Things then turn pretty dark as the consequences of alcohol abuse become apparent.

Two spots from the campaign are on YouTube, and while neither one features any demons or supernatural forces, they’re pretty darn intense. One, dubbed "Bloody Mary," even features a scene a girl urinating on the street that may not be safe for work viewing.

Check out two of the spots below. We’ve also included two less serious (and far less effective) American anti-drinking PSAs– one that ties in perfectly with MTV’s new buzz hit "Jersey Shore" and another featuring some classic cartoon characters from the 1980s.