Paris Hilton Stalker Behind Bars After Violating Restraining Order

Suspect, who had earlier attacked the celebutante’s then-boyfriend in front of a courthouse, was found on the beach outside her home

Paris Hilton's stalker is nothing if not persistent.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced on Monday that James Rainford (pictured, in his booking photo) was arrested on Monday for peeping on the celebutante in her Malibu home — and violating a restraining order that he'd been slapped with for his previous scary encounters with Hilton.

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According to a statement released by the department, personnel from the Malibu/Lost Hills arrived at Hilton's home at approximately 4:30 p.m., after receiving a call about a suspicious person standing on the beach.

The caller told police — correctly — that the man on the beach was the same person who attacked Hilton's then-boyfriend, Cy Waits, in April outside of Van Nuys Superior Court.

Rainford pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in that incident and received 227 days in jail, but was released early. Prior to that, the pleaded no contest to trespassing in January, after bicycling past guards at Hilton's home and pounding on her door. That incident earned him three years' probation and a restraining order. Upon investigation on Monday, sheriff's department personnel determined that the restraining order — which barred Rainford from coming within 200 feet of Hilton or her residence — was still in effect.

Rainford who is being held on $20,000 bail, is due in court on Tuesday. If he's not able to make bail, he will be transferred to Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, according to a sheriff's department spokesperson.