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Amy Poehler Says She’s ‘Technically Available’ for a ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunion

TCA 2018: But Poehler tells TheWrap she has ”no idea“ when it will happen

OK, brace yourselves, because Amy Poehler is “tech available” (industry term for an actor being “technically available” for a project if nothing else comes along) for a “Parks and Recreation” reunion. But don’t get too excited because she has “no idea” when you’d see that revival.

“Yeah, any time!” Poehler told reporters while promoting “I Feel Bad” during the Television Critics Association press tour Wednesday when asked — again — if she’s open to reuniting the cast of the NBC comedy. “I’m avail. I’m tech avail.”

However, when TheWrap asked what a realistic timeline would look like for a reunion — seeing as almost every “Parks and Rec” alum is incredibly busy, including her — she said, “Oh, God, I have no idea.”

“But, you know, everybody has my number,” Poehler said, adding that she and co-star Nick Offerman are still working together, so that’s kind of a mini-reunion.

“We’ve got two [shows],” Poehler said. “We just have to convince everybody else to come on board.”

“We all, it’s kind of common knowledge but we all have a text chain and we talk to each other almost every day, so you know I think everybody would be excited to do some version of it,” she added. “Hopefully on ice!”

“Oh, well I don’t know. I mean, Mike Schur is one of my favorite people ever. Kristen Bell is divine on that show. One of my sister wives Maya Rudolph was just on it. So, that’s a huge, amazing cast there. So I love that show.”

Buzz about a “Parks and Rec” reunion began back in May when Poehler and Offerman told Ellen Degeneres that they would “absolutely” come back together for a look into the lives of our favorite residents of Pawnee, Indiana.

“I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it,” Poehler said. “I think we’d all do it someday. It would be amazing.”

After Amy made the reunion seem like a real possibility, other alums of the Mike Schur comedy started getting asked about their thoughts on a reunion — and, as Poehler predicted, they were all on board.

Ben Schwartz (who played Jean Ralphio) told TheWrap he “would do it in a second.” “Are you crazy?” he said during the TCA panel for his Nickelodeon show “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles” last month. And Chris Pratt (who played Andy Dwyer) said he is also down to team up again, saying “as long as I’m in town, yeah, I’ll do it.”