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‘Parks and Recreation’ Series Finale Preview: ‘One Last Ride’ for Leslie Knope (Video)

The Pawnee beauraucrat has a few things to accomplish before she and her team part ways for good

Amy Poehler and her “Parks and Recreation” co-stars appeared in a series of short previews Monday for the show’s upcoming series finale.

In the first clip, Leslie Knope (Poehler) gives her team a “comprehensive retrospective” of their history together. Rather than sit through the presentation, April (Aubrey Plaza) asks “Can’t we just quickly shake hands, pretend we like each other and get out of here?”

Although Ron (Nick Offerman) is quickly on board with that plan, Leslie won’t hear of it. That’s when fate intervenes and a concerned citizen enters to tell the group that a swing near his home has been broken for months, and he would like someone to come fix it. Leslie jumps at the chance, seeing it as “one last ride for the Parks and Rec gang.”

In the other two previews, Leslie and Tom (Aziz Ansari) share a moment together outside the maintenance department. Leslie tells Tom how proud she is of him, to which he responds, “Thanks, Leslie. I’m proud of me too.” Then in the final preview, interim mayor Gary Gergich uses his new found power to help his “two best friends” Tom and Leslie to get the supplies they need to repair the swing.

The “Parks and Recreation” series finale will air February 24.

Watch all three previews below:

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