‘Partner Track’ and ‘The Imperfects’ Canceled at Netflix After One Season

For those asking when the second seasons are coming

Left: Arden Cho in "Partner Track." Right: Rhianna Jagpal, Morgan Taylor Campbell and Iñaki Godoy in "The Imperfects" (Netlifx)

Two Netflix shows that debuted this summer, “Partner Track” and “The Imperfects,” won’t be picked up for a second season, TheWrap confirmed Tuesday.

“Partner Track,” based on Helen Wan’s 2013 novel “The Partner Track,” starred Arden Cho, who played Ingrid Yun, a motivated young lawyer who is climbing the ladder to becoming a partner at a prestigious law firm. During her journey, the show highlights the challenges women of color — specifically Asian American women — face in white, male-dominated industries.

“At an elite NYC law firm, Ingrid Yun fights to make partner — and hold onto her principles — while balancing romance, friends and family expectations,” reads the show’s description on Netflix. The legal drama premiered on the streaming platform Aug. 26 with 10 episodes. Other cast members included Dominic Sherwood, who played Jeff Murphy; Alexandra Turshen, who played Rachel Friedman; Bradley Gibson, who played Tyler Robinson and Rob Heaps, who played Nick Laren. The series was produced through Jax Media, a New York-based film and television production company.

“The Imperfects,” created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, made its debut on Netflix just two months ago on Sept. 8. Sci-Fi series follows a scientist named Abbi (Rhianna Jagpal), a comic book artist named Juan (Iñaki Godoy) and a singer named Tilda (Morgan Taylor). Italia Ricci stars as Dr. Sydney Burke, the scientist’s estranged ex.

“After undergoing an experiment that gives them monstrous side effects, Abbi, Tilda and Juan join forces to find the scientist responsible,” reads the series description on Netflix. The shows were produced by Nomadic Pictures, alongside Heaton and Eriksen, who also stood as executive producers.

Both shows were celebrated for centering on and spotlighting issues related to inequities in the workplace, as well as having LGBTQIA+ character leads.