Pasha Lee, Ukrainian Actor and TV Host, Killed by Russian Shelling at 33

Lee joined Ukranian defense forces and was killed March 6 during fighting in Irpin, according to reports

pasha lee

Pasha Lee, a well-known Ukranian actor, TV host, singer and composer, was killed Sunday by Russian shelling after joining the fight against invading forces, according to multiple news reports. He was 33.

Lee, also known as Pavlo Li on his U.S. IMDb page, was killed in the Ukranian city of Irpin on March 6, according to Ukranian journalist Sergiy Tomilenko and a post by the Odesa International Film Festival.

The Crimea-born actor starred in Ukranian films including comedies “#Selfieparty” and MMA drama “The Fight Rules,” appeared in several commercials and contributed to local-language dubs of Hollywood films like “The Hobbit” and “The Lion King,” according to Tomilenko’s post.

Lee did not have U.S.-based representation listed on any of his pages. He had just started a new season of a new TV program “Day at Home” as recently as January.

“He went to fight for Ukraine from the first days of the war and died in Irpen, where there are still fierce battles with Russian occupants,” according to Tomilenko.

On Friday, Lee posted to his Instagram account a picture of himself and an unidentified woman in military garb. “We smile because we will manage and everything will be UKRAINE,” said his translated message.