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Patrick Stewart Challenges Blake Shelton to a Sexy-Off (Photo)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are also put on notice by the former Captain Picard

The gauntlet of sexy has been thrown down.

On the heels of Blake Shelton’s coolly-received coronation as People’s Sexiest Man Alive this week, “The Voice” coach Shelton received a cheeky challenge coming from the direction of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” alum Patrick Stewart.

In a challenge that was also extended to former Sexiest Man Alive recipients, Stewart urged the trio to “come at me” — as soon as they manage to achieve his level of sexiness.

“Gentlemen, come at me when you are THIS sexy,” Stewart tweeted, adding, “#SexiestManAlive #WelcomeToTheGunShow @BlakeShelton @RealHughJackman @VanCityReynolds.”

The challenge was illustrated with an image of Stewart posing saucily on the cover of FV Guide, next to the cover line ,”STNG’s Patrick Stewart: The Captain Lets His Hair Down.” You know, because Stewart’s bald. Sexily bald.”

Shelton was crowned Sexiest Man Alive on Tuesday, to the consternation of many naysayers on social media.

“Donald Trump is presidential; Jeff Sessions is honest; Roy Moore is a Christian; and Blake Shelton is the “Sexiest Man Alive.” It’s like America has totally stopped trying,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Somebody tell me how Blake Shelton won #SexiestManAlive when there are people like Charlie Hunnam out there?!?!” another critic asked.

“Blake Shelton is not the sexiest man alive. Sorry, People,” read another response.