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Patrick Stewart Gets Roaring Reception From Comic-Con Crowd During ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Panel

Comic-Con: The Enterprise captain… engages with Hall H

Patrick Stewart was greeted by a roaring reaction from the Hall H crowd Saturday at Comic-Con 2019. The actor was there for a panel discussion of his upcoming CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard,” which sees him return to the role he made immortal on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

After taking the stage, Stewart addressed the crowd, and nodded to the one thing people seemed to care about the most in the recent teaser poster: The first thing I feel compelled to say is that we regret the absence of possibly the most important individual in this production. And no, I am not talking about Jonathan Frakes,” he joked. “The absence that we all feel is the dog… we wanted to have him here and he was very very excited.”

“Now, I woke up this morning as every morning,” Stewart continued, “and I read a line in a scene that comes up on Monday, where I say, ‘we never know do we when our last moment will be.’ For me I can twist that. We never know do we when our best moment will be — and that is Now.”

This was met with another roaring reaction from the crowd.

When asked why this was the project that made him return to trek after such a long absence, Stewart said that after years of saying “no, thank you but no,” he said “as the subject matter of this new proposed series became clearer and clearer, and as I began to meet our incredibly distinguished writing team… I knew that something incredible was going to happen and I wanted to be a part of it.”

“So here I am. And very, very happy to be here,” he continued.