Patrick Stewart Throws ‘Hey Arnold’ Star Like a Football in Paramount+ Super Bowl Commercial: ‘Watch and Learn’ | Video

The actor is joined by his fellow Paramount family, including Drew Barrymore, with rock band Creed making a surprise appearance

Patrick Stewart in Super Bowl commercial (Paramount+)
Patrick Stewart in Super Bowl commercial (Paramount+)

Patrick Stewart threw his fellow Paramount+ family member Arnold from the Nickelodeon series “Hey Arnold” like a football in an effort to get him over “Paramount mountain” and out of freezing temperatures.

“On Paramount mountain the stakes get higher,” Stewart says in the opening as narrator for the commercial, which shows Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa attempting to throw a hook on top of the iconic Paramount Pictures mountain.

“I can’t get that thing up there. If it were a football, I’d be able to reach the top,” Tagovailoa says after a failed attempt. Standing in the middle of a polar desert were Paramount+ figures “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, “The Drew Barrymore Show” host Drew Barrymore, Dora the Explorer and others appear.

Watch video of the clip below.

Suggesting different options, Stewart asks if using “Hey Arnold” would work.

“What about a football-shaped head?” Stewart questions as the camera pans to show the “Hey Arnold!” lead character.

Despite some of the group feeling like it would be a bad idea and Tagovailoa refusing to throw the animated child, Stewart persists.

“Fine, I’ll throw him,” Stewart says before tossing his coat off to reveal he’s wearing an old school football outfit. As he prepares to throw Arnold, rock band Creed appears with a performance of their hit track “Higher.”

“It’s the fifth quarter and we need a whole in one before the seventh inning stretch,” Stewart says as he gives Arnold a smooch on the head. “Be brave.”

While the group awaits the moment of truth, they all sing along to “Higher.” His throws ends with Arnold face-planting on the mountain. Nevertheless, Stewart isn’t out of ideas.

“Now if there were only someone made of pigskin,” Stewart says, alluding to Peppa from “Peppa the Pig” and the slang for a football.

“Oh dear!” Peppa says flinching.

The commercial is part of the streaming platform’s lineup of ads for the upcoming Super Bowl, which will air on Feb. 11.


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