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Patton Oswalt Pitches Hilarious ‘Star Wars VII’ Plot in ‘Parks and Recreation’ Outtake (Video)

The comedian improvises a "Star Wars" and Marvel crossover while guest starring as a Pawnee citizen filibusting a city council vote on Thursday's episode of the NBC series

Patton Oswalt improvises an intricate eight-minute plot proposal for "Star Wars: Episode VII" during a guest appearance on Thursday's episode of "Parks and Recreation."

In the impressive outtake released by NBC, Oswalt remains in character as a Pawnee citizen launching a filibuster to prevent Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) from holding a city council vote.

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"The producers asked him to ramble a bit about whatever subject he wanted," the clip explains. "What follows is one continuous take of that scene — 100 percent improvised."

Starting from the first envisioned scene of J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars" sequel, Oswalt's pitch includes Boba Fett surviving his tumble into the sarlacc pit in "Return of the Jedi," a repurposed Imperial Star Destroyer taken over by the rebels, Jedi knight Luke Skywalker training padawan's with his father's red light saber, and even Thanos — the villain teased at the end of "The Avengers."

And that's just the first three minutes.

Take notes, Disney: