Patton Oswalt Begs Donald Trump to Stay in the Presidential Race

“Keep speaking your mind. Whatever pops into it. Always,” comedian encourages GOP presidential nominee

Donald Trrump appears to have clinched the crucial Patton Oswalt vote.

Or maybe Oswalt is just doing what he so often does: Comically provoking people through social media.

The famous funny man put his Twitter account into overdrive on Wednesday, hitting up GOP presidential candidate Trump with a barrage of tweets begging him to stay in the race, after reports suggested that Republican officials think he might drop out of the running.

Amid speculation that the GOP isn’t exactly happy to have Trump as their poster boy, Oswalt also encouraged Donald to emphasize that he speaks for all Republican politicians who are up for election this year.

“Do NOT drop out of the 2016 race, @realDonaldTrump,” Oswalt tweeted. “Under NO circumstance. Stay right where you are. Until. The. End.”

Oswalt further encouraged Trump not to censor himself, though that doesn’t seem to have been a problem so far for the reality TV personality turned politician.

“Also, @realDonaldTrump? Keep speaking your mind,” Oswalt enthused. “Whatever pops into it. Always. No editing. Do NOT stop. Keep going.”

Another plea from the comedian requested, “Also, @realDonaldTrump? Really hammer that you speak for all GOP Senators, governors & congresspeople also running. ALWAYS. Hit that hard.”

According to a report earlier Wednesday, senior Republican party officials are looking into a contingency plan, should Trump decide to bow out of the race.

ABC News said that party leaders think that Trump might exit stage ultra-right due to recent controversies, such as his attack on the parents of a Muslim American soldier killed during the Iraq War who criticized Trump during the Democratic National Convention.

But with Patton Oswalt‘s supporting wind behind him, perhaps Trump will find the strength to carry on.

Read below for Oswalt’s one-man campaign to keep Trump in the running.