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Even Patton Oswalt Can’t Make Mike Huckabee’s Terrible Twitter Jokes Funny (Video)

Oswalt went on ”Jimmy Kimmel Live“ to see if he could improve the former Arkansas governor’s comedy skills

Former Arkansas governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has become notorious in recent months for using his Twitter feed as a forum for terrible jokes inspired by current events.

Often as mean-spirited as they are unfunny, they’re also usually completely indecipherable.












But what if the problem wasn’t the jokes, just the person telling them?

That’s the question Jimmy Kimmel set out to answer Thursday by inviting Patton Oswalt to appear onto his late-night his ABC show to see if he could breathe life into Huckabee’s parade of non sequiturs, botched pop culture references, and bad puns.

So it is that Oswalt came out on stage and stood in front of a backdrop of a fake comedy club called Yuk Yuckabee’s, to repeat three of Governor Huckabee’s greatest hits. Did Oswalt manage to wring genuine laughs out of the material, proving that Mike just needs more seasoning at local open mic nights?

Spoiler alert: He did not. Damn, those jokes are terrible.

Watch the whole thing above.