Patty Smyth and Jimmy Fallon Update ‘Goodbye to You’ for the End of the Trump Era (Video)

Or as they might say on the other side of that wall that never happened, “Adios a ti”

Patty Smyth joined Jimmy Fallon Wednesday to mark the end of the President Donald Trump era with an updated version of her hit “Goodbye to You.”

Fallon kicked off the Fall 2020 rendition: “Four years with you in charge went so very slow/Now the time has come for us to let you go/You tweeted ‘FRAUD,’ ‘STOP THE COUNT,’ ‘FAKE NEWS’/Pennsylvania must hurt so bad to lose/It’s not a pity to say…”

That’s when Smyth popped up to hit the chorus: “Goodbye to you! Goodbye to you-ouuu!”

From there, Fallon and Smyth traded lyrics. While they were both in Fallon’s “Tonight Show” studio at 30 Rock, the duet-ing duo stayed socially distanced.

Like: “Will we ever see a president like we saw in you?/Stare directly at the sun/toilet paper on your show.”

And: “Ignored Fauci and fell for Kim Jong-un/Said you’d shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.”

Smyth’s band, Scandal, released “Goodbye to You” in 1992 on the album “Scandalous.” Readers familiar with the song may be surprised to learn that the single *only* charted as high as 65 on the Billboard charts. Two years later, Scandal had a bigger hit in “The Warrior,” which peaked at No. 7.

Fun fact about Scandal: In 1983, Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi briefly played guitar for the band.

Watch the video above.

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