Paul Haggis Accuser Denies Support From Scientology, Says Her Lawyers Are Paid Only If They Win

Haleigh Breest’s legal team attacked Haggis’ Scientology defense before he could even raise it

paul haggis
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Haleigh Breest told a New York civil jury on Friday that the Church of Scientology was not supporting her case in any way, going on offense against Paul Haggis’ intended argument that a conspiracy to smear him was afoot.

The “Crash” director has yet to take the stand, but his attorneys have successfully won pretrial motions to present the theory that Scientology is behind multiple allegations of rape spanning from 2013, when Breest said she was attacked. Three women have since come forward with similar allegations supporting her case.

Haggis was a prominent Scientologist before he left the church on poor terms, then became one of its most vocal high-profile critics.

Following a grueling cross-examination Friday, Breest answered follow-up questions from her own lawyer, who asked whether she is now or ever had been a Scientologists. She answered no, offering that she also had no family who had ever attended Scientology events, according to media reports.

“Has Scientology provided you with any kind of support whatsoever in this case?” asked attorney Zoe Salzman.

Breest again said no, and offered that her lawyers – at Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel – were working on contingency, meaning they are only paid a portion of whatever award she may win in the civil case. She is seeking unspecified damages.

It was Breest’s second day of testimony and the first under cross-examination. Haggis lawyer Priya Chaudhry asked Breest several detailed questions about her sex life, including her experiences before the alleged rape after a movie premiere in 2013, when Breest said she was pressured to come up to Haggis’ apartment for a drink, where he raped her.

Breest admitted to a few one-night stands before that night but said she’s only attempted to have sex one time since, according to the New York Post. Chaudhry asked Breest whether she’d been drinking alcohol during those encounters, which she said she had.

Testimony was set to resume Monday.