Tyga Explains Paul McCartney’s Grammy Party Rejection: ‘Tweet the Fire Marshal, Don’t Tweet Me’ (Video)

The rapper says he was only at the party to perform, so he had no control over who was admitted

Tyga appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night to explain why Paul McCartney was rejected from a post-Grammys party.

The rapper urged viewers to blame the fire marshal for the mixup, and said he knew nothing about it until the next day.

“I had no knowledge, I was inside performing,” he said. “I wish I would’ve knew he was outside, I would’ve gone out there with a mic, brought him in, performed.”

When Kimmel said he heard that it was actually the fire marshal who rejected McCartney, Tyga responded, “Yeah, tweet the fire marshal, don’t tweet me!”

Tyga said he already reached out to McCartney on Twitter after the incident, but he also took the opportunity to invite the rock icon to his upcoming show.

“He’s not going to fall for that again,” Kimmel responded. “Do you think he will retaliate with a diss track?”

Video footage of the Beatles singer went viral after he was denied entrance to the party when stopping by with fellow rock stars Beck and Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters.

“How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit!” McCartney said before walking away.

See Tyga’s tweets about the incident below and watch the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment above.