Paul Rudd and James Corden Knit, Nap, Snack in ‘Never-Ending Urinal Conversation’ (Video)

Adam Sandler’s old “The Longest Pee” bit has some new late-night competition

Last Updated: March 16, 2016 @ 7:16 AM

Paul Rudd and James Corden got into a pretty literal pissing contest Tuesday night on “The Late Late Show.” And it lasted for quite a while.

During the duo’s “Never-Ending Urinal Conversation,” the two talked karaoke and voting, they ate lunch, shaved, did crossword puzzles and so much more, all while each took a long leak.

Eventually, Corden worked on his model airplane and Rudd knitted. Talk about multitasking.

The two actors then hugged out their goodbyes before Rudd settled down on the divider for a nap — while still peeing.

Watch the video above.