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Paul Rudd and James Corden Are Way Too Sexual as Children’s Entertainers (Video)

Keep your kids away from The Naptime Boyz

You guys are no Laurie Berkner…

According to Monday’s “Late Late Show,” Paul Rudd and James Corden used to be children’s entertainers The Naptime Boyz, but the duo’s clearly sexual dance moves did not fit in with the “Baby Shark” scene.

Though their catchy song “The Busy Day” scored the (fake) twosome a cool $900 album advance — unheard of in the genre — its sexually suggestive music video buried the single. With hindsight, the guys thought it might be the tune’s roll-the-dice gambling reference.

It’s definitely not that.

The Naptime Boyz followed-up that flop with playground ditty “The Silly Seesaw.” The music video for that song featured an incredibly hump-y dance routine.

They then recorded “The Housework Song,” which they say was their “Abbey Road” or “Purple Rain.” The track was good enough to land the boys a PBS show that was “supposed to be the next ‘Sesame Street,'” per Rudd’s retelling.

Unfortunately, what happened was very unlike any “Sesame Street” this father of a 2-year-old has ever seen.

“Our show had the fastest cancellation in television history,” Rudd lamented.

“Mr. Rogers said if we ever showed our faces at PBS again, he would personally kick our asses,” Corden said.

Watch the video above. The Naptime Boyz might want to do the same.