Kansas City Royals Soak Paul Rudd in Beer After World Series Win (Video)

“I’m way too dry!” star of “Ant Man” says — that was immediately rectified with some Budweiser

Paul Rudd Royals

Paul Rudd is possibly the biggest Kansas City Royals fan on the planet — and now he’s the wettest.

The beer was flowing in the Citi Field visiting team’s clubhouse Sunday night after the Royals bested the New York Mets in just five games to win the 2015 World Series. Rudd made his way into the madness — and he almost escaped with a dry T-shirt.

Several of the goggle-wearing Royals players surrounded Rudd during the insanity, as the “Ant Man” actor yelled, “I’m way too dry!” That was immediately rectified by what appears to be several bottles of Budweiser.

Kansas City won 7-2 in 12 innings. It was the second extra-innings game in the best-of-seven series.

Watch the video: