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Paul Ryan Wrote His Own Headline: ‘Ryan Slams the President Amongst Liberal Elites’ (Video)

Republican Speaker of the House ribs Donald Trump at Al Smith charity dinner in NYC

House Speaker Paul Ryan took the stage Thursday night at New York City’s annual Al Smith charity dinner — and used his time at the lectern to make some very pointed jokes about President Donald Trump.

“When read the papers tomorrow, everyone is going to report this thing differently,” the Wisconsin Republican said.

“Breitbart is going to lead with ‘Ryan Slams the President Amongst Liberal Elites’ New York Times is going to report, ‘Ryan Defends the President in a State Hillary Won’ and the President will tweet, ‘300,000 at Al Smith Dinner Cheer Mention of my Name.”

The iconic New York City charity dinner often takes the form of a roast with some mild to not-so-mild ribbing of the U.S. cultural and political elite.

Last year’s event featured both presidential candidates, and widespread criticism that Donald Trump’s moments at the lectern got too personal toward his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. The crowd even booed his remarks.

“I know last year that Donald Trump offended some people. I know his comments, according to critics, went too far,” said Ryan, bedecked in white tie for the occasion. “Some said it was unbecoming of a public figure, and they said that his comments were offensive. Well, thank God he’s learned his lesson.”

The Al Smith Dinner is an annual event held in New York City by Catholic charities and hosted by the Archbishop of New York, a post now held by Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Watch Ryan’s presentation above.