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Paul Ryan’s Attempt to Be Cool on World Emoji Day Backfires

”Which emojis do you use to tell your kids you’re trying to take healthcare away for millions of people?“ one mocking Twitter user asks

House Speaker Paul Ryan is getting trolled with emojis on Twitter after trying to join in on #WorldEmojiDay Monday with a video explaining his emoji usage.

“Because my kids don’t think of me as an emoji guy, I go crazy on emojis whenever we text,” Ryan tweeted, followed by a string of emoji including the American Flag, thumbs up, laughing tears and “100” emoji and the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag.

But it looks like the American public doesn’t think of the Speaker as an emoji guy, either.

Twitter users got creative, using emojis to ask Ryan questions about the GOP healthcare bill, which has been crumbling because of lack of support.

One user responded: “A lot of people will die because of your healthcare plan,” using the skull emoji.

“Which emoji do you use for your healthcare plan?” another user asked, followed by the bomb emoji, skull and cross bones, nuclear sign, coffin and more.

See below for a roundup of the funniest responses.