9 Priceless Reactions to Paul Ryan’s Bright White Intern Selfie (Photo)

Paul Ryan’s selfie is a “where’s Waldo for people of color,” says one Twitter user

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan and the Republicans are getting blowback for a selfie that shows a lot of skin on Capitol Hill, and all of it’s white.

“I think this sets a record for the most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie. #SpeakerSelfie.” Ryan wrote with the photo.

The post has since gone viral, and not because of the amount of congressional interns Ryan was able to fit in one picture. People took to Twitter to air out their criticisms of the selfie and used hashtags like #GOPSoWhite or #InternsSoWhite, in reference to #OscarsSoWhite, to indicate the lack of diversity.

One Twitter user, for example, called Ryan’s selfie a “where’s Waldo for people of color,” while someone else “had to put on sunglasses to look directly at it.”

See nine priceless reactions below.