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Paula Deen: 5 Golden, Butter-Drenched Moments (Video)

From the ham incident to Friday's apology-in-vain, a choice selection of celebrity chef's greatest misses

Paula Deen's career with Food Network might be a thing of the past, but she's left plenty of memories behind for us to remember her by.

The celebrity chef was canned on Friday after she admitted using the N-word. TheWrap looks back at Deen's legacy with a few choice moments from her time in the spotlight.

Paula Deen Hams it Up
No doubt this wasn't the only time that a ham and Deen's face made a connection, but it's most certainly the most entertaining. Unaware that someone was throwing a frozen ham in her direction, she took a heaping mound of pig to the kisser, as the world watched and squealed with delight.

Paula Deen Gets Her Licks In
While speaking at an event, Deen decides to lick butter off "Restaurant: Impossible" star Robert Irvine's abdomen. Which isn't particularly odd, considering Deen's love of butter, everywhere, at all times, under any circumstances. Her decision to then ride Irvine across the stage, however, is a stumper. We're not sure why Deen thought this was a good idea, though the glass of red wine that's clutched in her hand as she plays cowgirl is a pretty good clue.

Paula Deen Responds to Anthony Bourdain
After fellow celebrity chef Bourdain characterized Deen as "the worst, most dangerous person to America," Deen appeared on Fox News to speak in her own defense, offering, "I was really shocked that such harsh words could be used." Au contraire, Paula; as the events of the past week demonstrate, the use of harsh words is not an alien concept to you at all.

Paula Deen Makes a Donut Hamburger
Screw the food pyramid — as far as Deen is concerned, the key to a hearty breakfast consists of two glazed donuts wrapped around a hamburger patty, with an egg and bacon thrown in for good measure. Clearly, the things that go into Deen's mouth are as repulsive as the things that come out of them.

Paula Deen Apologizes
In a last-ditch (and ultimately failed) attempt to keep her job, Deen recorded a video on Friday apologizing "for the wrong that I've done." As hollow apologies go, it's pretty boilerplate, except for the fact that the apology, which lasts less than a minute, clearly underwent numerous edits. We're going to be charitable and assume that the edits weren't due to Deen uncontrollably blurting out racial epithets.