Glenn Beck on Paula Deen N-Word Controversy: Who Cares What a Cheese Sandwich Maker Says (Video)

The radio host says "the word police" decided Deen's employment future, not her employers

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:15 PM

Glenn Beck doesn't care what Paula Deen says — and neither should you — said the radio show host.

"Unless it involves butter, I wouldn't check on Paula Deen for anything," Beck said during his show on Monday.

"The word police have decided that now she's no longer fit to be a cheese sandwich maker on television," the host quipped.

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Deen was effectively fired from the Food Network after admitting using the N-word in her past. The channel chose to not renew her expiring contract. Subsequently, Smithfield Foods has also severed its working relationship with the celebrity chef.

Beck compared Deen's firing — and prior controversial firings — to McCarthyism. “You don’t fire people for what they say. You don’t round them up like it’s a witch hunt.” And yes, Beck was able to drop a "9/11" reference during the discussion.

Here's the video of the audio:


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