‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ Trailer: Check Out Cameron Crowe’s Upcoming PBS Documentary (Video)

Even non-fans should enjoy this clip from the “Almost Famous” director’s tribute to Eddie Vedder and friends, airing October 21

Any documentary that includes a snippet from a quirky interview conducted by David Lynch is probably going to be worthwhile viewing. But if the film is also directed by Cameron Crowe and airs for free on PBS, you might as well fire up the DVR now.

A trailer for "Pearl Jam Twenty" hints that anyone, not just hardcore fans of the still-thriving Seattle band led by Eddie Vedder, should be able to watch the documentary, which is set to air October 21.

Crowe will be discussing the film this Saturday at the Television Critics Assocation Summer Press Tour and we'll have a fuller report then — as well as our obligatory shout-out to Vedder's appearance in Crowe's 1992 grunge comedy "Singles."