‘Pennyworth’ Season 2 Trailer: Things Get Hot and Heavy Between Batman’s Parents (Video)

In case you forgot baby Bruce was on the way

In case you forgot that “Pennyworth” Season 2 will see the conception of baby Bruce Wayne, the trailer features some steamy scenes between Batman’s future parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane.

Epix released the trailer for the second season on Tuesday, which you can watch here.

Martha’s upcoming pregnancy was revealed during a DC FanDome panel back in September. But as of Season 1, she and Thomas haven’t married yet — actually, last we checked Thomas was bleeding out on Martha’ couch.

But “Pennyworth” and “Gotham” boss Bruno Heller has confirmed that Thomas will survive the minor flesh wound and live on to sire the Batman.

Heller and Ben Aldridge, who plays Thomas Wayne, also revealed during a New York Comic-Con virtual panel in October that Thomas will have to free himself from an engagement forced upon him by his family at the beginning of Season 2 before he can make things official with Martha.

The Season 2 trailer also hints at some romance for our pal Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon), some more maniacal nonsense from Bette Sykes (Paloma Faith) and the noseless yet determined leader of the neo-fascist Raven Union, Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng). And, of course, Alfred will also have to deal with the fact that at the end of Season 1, he blew up his own dad — even if it was for the greater good.

Watch the trailer above.


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