People of Egypt, Lindsay Lohan Applauds You

Two days after not being thrown in jail for felony grand theft, actress salutes peaceful political change in the Land of the Pharaohs and prays for Middle East Peace … really

So that Egyptian stuff is making Lindsay Lohan go all geopolitical.

“Congratulations to the people of Egypt,” wrote Lohan on Twitter early Friday afternoon. “Your voices were heard and you proved that peaceful demonstrations are possible and effective …. x”

Less than a minute later she added: 

"I pray Egypt maintains it's treaty with Israel and sets the trend for its neighbors to create peace with Israel and the entire region”

Lindsay may be better known of late for her court appearances, rehab stints and jail time, but if the “Machete” actress’ words about the uprising in Egypt and President Hosni Mubarak’s surprise resignation today are any indication, Washington DC might be a better fit for her than Hollywood, CA.

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Certainly Lohan has had almost as tumulutuous a time of late as Egypt … and almost as much media attention.

Having gotten out of a three-month stint in the Betty Ford Center in early January, Lindsay, in an extremely tight white dress, was in court on Feb. 9 facing charges of felony grand theft for a $2,500 she allegedly took for a Venice, CA boutique.

After stern words from the judge, Lohan posted bail of $20,000 in the case and another $20,000 for her revoked probation stemming from her 2007 DUI.

Lindsay, who is expected back in court on Feb. 23, could face from a year to three years in jail if convicted.

She’ll be back in court on Feb. 25, when Lilo has to show up in the Beverly Hills courthouse for a probation progress hearing in front of Elden Fox, the latest judge in the seemingly never ending case of that 2007 DUI.

Judge Fox did not to put Lohan in jail after the actress, who has been in jail three times already from various violations, failed a mandatory random drug test last October.

He did tell Lohan, even as the actress entered rehab for almost three months, that he would put her behind bars for six months if she violated her probation again or ran afoul of the law again.

Additionally, the Riverside County D.A. is still considering charging with battery from a run-in with a staff member while Lohan was at the Betty Ford. 

Right now though, Lindsay Lohan, like the people of Egypt, is free.

Wonder what she’ll do with that?