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Pepsi Sets a New Ridiculous TV Show, MTV Reality-Star Dating Competition ‘Match Me If You Can’ (Video)

At least Fox’s ”Cherries Wild“ had a good soda attached to it

Pepsi Mango sounds pretty weird, and so does its new MTV companion show, “Match Me If You Can.”

The whole premise behind this latest glorified (flavored) Pepsi commercial is that Pepsi and mango make a “surprising perfect match.” The goal for the reality-star dating competition is the same thing.

At least Fox’s failed stunt “Cherries Wild” had a decent flavor attached to it. (You definitely can @ this TV editor, a Coke drinker.)

Anyway, just watch the trailer above.

“Match Me If You Can” is produced by ViacomCBS’ in-house branded content studio, Velocity. The five-part series will bring together eight stars — Ashley Brooke Mitchell, Eric Bigger, Harry Jowsey, Onyeka Ehie, Natalie Negrotti, Kyra Green, Joey Sasso and Kylie Smith — from the reality TV universe, pairing fan favorites from different franchises together for the first time.

Pepsi Mango is the soda brand’s first new permanent flavor in five years.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton, a reality-dating competition success story, will host the series. She married Cameron Hamilton after they met on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.”

“I’m so excited to join Pepsi and MTV as the host of ‘Match Me If You Can,'” Speed-Hamilton said in a statement. “While I was able to find love on reality TV, that combination doesn’t work for everyone. So, we’re shaking it up by bringing unexpected pairings on surprising dates to try to find that elusive perfect match, just like Pepsi Mango! I can’t wait to show the world what we uncovered!”

“Match Me If You Can” will debut during the Season 36 finale of MTV’s “The Challenge,” which is dubbed “Double Agents,” on April 21 at 8 p.m. ET. How will this soda commercial debut during a real television show, you ask? It’ll just take over “The Challenge’s” commercial breaks, because again, this is all an advertisement for a peach-adjacent cola.

At the same time, the “Match Me” premiere episode will be made available on MTV’s YouTube Channel. That’s where the remaining four episodes, including the finale, will run.

“With the explosion of reality dating shows and online dating apps, it’s clear people are continuing to look for new and different ways to find their perfect match. With the launch of Pepsi Mango, we also know that sometimes a perfect match can be quite surprising,” Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi, said on Tuesday. “That’s why we at Pepsi couldn’t be more excited to partner with ViacomCBS and MTV to create a new, unexpected and unconventional reality dating series, ‘Match Me If You Can,’ bringing together some of the biggest names in reality TV for the chance to find their surprising perfect match.”

“We are so thrilled to premiere ‘Match Me If You Can’ in partnership with Pepsi Mango and MTV. By leveraging consumer insights around modern dating and our creative expertise, we were able to create a fun, unapologetic digital series with an all-star cast and crew that will not only embody everything fans love in a dating show but will also authentically generate excitement and engagement around Pepsi’s newest flavor as only Velocity can,” Matthew Newcomb, senior vice president of marketing activation at ViacomCBS Velocity, added. “Pepsi has been a great partner and we look forward to continuously innovating and engaging fans throughout this series and beyond.”