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Pete Buttigieg Isn’t Too Impressed by Jimmy Fallon’s Impersonation of Him (Video)

Multilingual trash talk ensues

If you thought Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Mayor Pete Buttigieg on “The Tonight Show” was just so-so, you’re not alone. Buttigieg pretty much thought the same.

Earlier this week, Fallon played the 2020 presidential candidate in a sketch — crisp white shirt, friendly smile, small town charm and all. In character, Fallon’s Buttigieg called himself “a little green, but I’m fresh, Instagram-able and, ultimately, good for you. I’m the avocado toast of the Democratic party.” He even made fun of the spelling of his last name.

But Fallon had to answer for it in a new sketch that aired on Friday night, where he runs into Buttigieg just before starting his show. “Are you doing the show tonight?” Fallon asks.

“Oh, no. God, no,” Buttigieg says. “I’m doing Seth.”

Fallon’s chagrin continues, as the South Bend mayor picks apart the host’s attempt at lampooning him, noting that Fallon doesn’t really look like him and pointing out the public service credentials he’s amassed despite being just 37. But Fallon gets a chance to save face when Buttigieg puts those seven languages he speaks to use by trying to trash talk the comedian behind his back.

“The real relief is that you shaved that Chia Pet off your face,” the Democrat mutters in Spanish, leading to a rapid-fire exchange in languages both real and fictional.

Buttigieg will return to “The Tonight Show” for a full interview with Fallon on May 13.

Watch their encounter in the clip above.