Pete Buttigieg Praised for ‘Intelligent and Precise’ Interview Schooling Fox News on Kavanaugh Protesters (Video)

“I like when Pete goes on Fox ‘News’ to debunk their talking points with facts, class, and common sense,” one social media user said

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is being lauded for speaking “intelligently and precisely” during an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Mike Emanuel, where he defended his husband Chasten’s pointed tweet about people protesting justice Brett Kavanaugh at a Washington D.C. restaurant.

In a clip from the interview, Emanuel asked the politician if the tweet — which read, “Sounds like [Kavanaugh] just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions” in reference to Kavanaugh’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade — was “appropriate.”

Buttigieg began his answer by establishing that public officials should always be free of “violence, harassment and intimidation” in public locations, while adding that they will “never be free of criticism or peaceful protest” from individuals exercising their rights to freedom of speech.

He continued, “Remember, the justice [Kavanaugh] never even came in contact with these protesters. They reportedly didn’t see or hear them, and these protesters are upset because a right — an important right, that the majority of Americans support — was taken away. Not only the right to choose, by the way, but this justice was part of the process of stripping away the right to privacy.”

“As long as I’ve been alive, the seventh case law of the Constitution protected a right to privacy, and that has now been thrown out the window by the justices, including justice Kavanaugh, who — as I recall — swore up and down, in front of God and everyone, including the United States Congress, that they were going to leave settled case law alone,” Buttigieg added.

Resultantly, Buttigieg said that peaceful protesters’ First Amendment rights are protected, contrasting that with the realities of the House investigative committee on the Capitol rioters and saying that the nation is “reckoning with a mob summoned by the former president … for the purpose of overthrowing the election and very nearly succeeded in preventing the peaceful transfer of power. I think common sense can tell the difference.”

The incisive interview made the rounds on Twitter, as the name Pete trended on the social media platform. Users expressed their adoration over the politician’s eloquent speech, saying that the takedown was “clear and vivid” and should be an exemplar for other Democrats appearing on Fox News.

“I just watched Pete Buttigieg humiliate a Fox News anchor,” one person tweeted. “I like when Pete goes on Fox ‘News’ to debunk their talking points with facts, class, and common sense. Thank you Secretary Pete for not being afraid to challenge Rupert Murdoch’s disinformation machine.”

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