Pete Davidson, John Mulaney Reveal Some Crazy Stories – Including One Involving a Cannibal (Video)

Perhaps surprisingly, Pete has the tamer “True Confession” of the two

“SNL” cast member Pete Davidson and this weekend’s host John Mulaney joined Jimmy Fallon in a smokey room on Thursday for some “True Confessions.”

Here’s the way the “Tonight Show” game works: Participants take turns confessing a random fact while the others interrogate them to determine whether it’s a truth or a lie. Each player is armed with one real story and one fabricated one, the others pick which envelope is opened.

Mulaney was up first: “My neighbor was arrested by the FBI for being a cannibal.”

That one can’t be true, right? Think again. Yeah, this is a messed up world.

After Fallon shared a blackout drunk story, which was also true, Davidson opened Envelope No. 1.

“Lorne Michaels and I went to Jamaica together on vacation for New Year’s,” Davidson recited.

“I … really want that to be a lie,” Mulaney said.

The story doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons, especially if you know “Saturday Night Live” boss Michaels.

“There’s really nothing in Jamaica that you haven’t duplicated here in the United States,” Mulaney quipped, clearly referring to Pete’s very public pot-smoking habits.

Making the story even less believable, Davidson said this was during his very first season on “SNL.”

“The first season, you’re never really that close with Lorne,” Fallon reasoned.

“Eight episodes in, a man your senior goes, ‘That kid, Jamaica’?” Mulaney said.

Both guessed it was false. Both were wrong.

Watch the video above.