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Peter Dinklage’s New Character Might Just Love Wine as Much as Tyrion Lannister

Even if it’s boxed

It looks like playing the wine-loving Tyrion Lannister is coming in handy for Peter Dinklage’s latest role.

In the upcoming post-apocalyptic movie “I Think We’re Alone Now,” Dinklage plays Del, one of the last people on Earth who enjoys spending his remaining days drinking red wine in an abandoned library.

Director Reed Morano (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) told Vulture in a recent interview that Dinklage requested his character “not be not a drinker.”

“Pete said, you know, ‘I really want to not be not a drinker.’ And I was like, ‘Thank god!’ Because I just think, you’ve got to. It’s the apocalypse!” she said, adding that they “kind of threw the wine detail in at the last minute. Because I think actually, originally, Del was not a drinker.”

“Yes, that was something we changed from the original script,” the actor chimed in.

After all, “red wine would only get better” in the apocalypse, Dinklage said.

“Even boxed red wine,” Morano added.

Dinklage will also be seen in the upcoming HBO movie “My Dinner With Hervé” and, of course, as Tyrion in the final season of “Game of Thrones” next year. Oh, and did we mention he won his third Emmy last night?