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Philando Castile Fatal Police Shooting Aftermath Captured on Facebook Live (Video)

”Stay with me, we got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back… they killed my boyfriend,“ his girlfriend says on Facebook Live

Facebook and other social media platforms were captivated and horrified by video of the moments after Philando Castile was shot and killed by police on Wednesday night, broadcast on Facebook Live.

The video was streamed from a woman, who is believed to be named Diamond Reynolds, as she narrated the events that unfolded following the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Castile in Minnesota.

Modern society is still adjusting to everyone on the planet having a cell phone camera in their pocket, but the Facebook Live technology that allows users to live stream a crime in progress could be something that truly changes the world.

It all started around 9 p.m. on Wednesday night when a police officer pulled over Castile for a traffic stop outside of St. Paul while his girlfriend and daughter were also in the car.

A St. Anthony police officer shot Castile multiple times and his girlfriend’s first reaction was to whip out her cell phone and broadcast the aftermath for the world to see.

The woman, who appears incredibly calm, offers a running commentary throughout the ordeal.

“Stay with me, we got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back… they killed my boyfriend. He’s licensed to carry,” she said before explaining that he was simply trying to get his ID from his wallet.

“He let the officer know that he had a firearm and was reaching for his wallet,” she said.

A cop is heard yelling, “I told him not to reach for it.”

“Oh my god, please don’t tell me he’s dead,” the woman replied while reminding the officer that she will keep her hands where they are.

She continued to pray while saying, “You shot four bullets into him, sir.”

The live stream eventually goes black while Reynolds is escorted from the car. Her cell phone continued to capture audio while she pleads with cops that her boyfriend wasn’t a criminal.

The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave and Castile was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly later.

The Facebook Live video has been removed from the website, but a NSFW copy can be seen below.

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