Phoenix Meteorologist Gives Hilarious Forecast With Glitching Weather Map (Video)

Cory McCloskey of Fox 10 rolled with it when his weather map showed temperatures in the thousands of degrees

Last Updated: January 29, 2015 @ 8:54 AM

As with any technology, a meteorologist’s weather map can have glitches and malfunctions. And with local news a live medium, there’s very little time to respond. Luckily for Fox 10 in Phoenix, meteorologist Cory McCloskey wasn’t thrown at all when his AccuWeather map showed several regional temperatures above 1,000 degrees, with one city hovering close to 3,000 degrees.

McCloskey simply started reporting these numbers as if they were the factual temperatures in those cities, advising local residents to get out if they still could.

“I’m not your dad,” he said earnestly to the camera. “But I would get out while you still can.”

Cave Creek, which was showing a whopping 2,960-degree temperature captured his attention in particular, with McCloskey quipping that he thinks steel boils at that temperature.

“Cave Creek, there’s probably nothing left up there right now,” he said. “So don’t even bother looting up there. It’s not gonna be worth it.”

Watch Fox 10’s Cory McCloskey smoothly work with a malfunctioning weathermap here.