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British Police Say News of the World Reporters Lied to Them

Cops claim journalists at now-shuttered News Corp. tabloid misled them and obstructed search for missing girl later found dead

News of the World reporters lied to the police and interfered with the investigation into the disappearance of teenager Milly Dowler, according to a police report released by the U.K. Parliament on Monday.

Investigations have already uncovered widespread phone hacking at the now-defunct News Corp. tabloid, but this latest report shines a light on a broader history of malfeasance.

While it remains unclear how voicemails were deleted from Dowler’s phone – the discovery of which caused the phone hacking scandal to explode in July of 2011 – this latest report further condemns the paper's former employees for their tactics.

Reporters tried to obfuscate their actions and intent while police searched for the girl, who it turned out was already dead.

News Corp. already settled with a series of phone hacking victims last week, including Jude Law. A trial with several other accusers, including Steve Coogan, is set to begin in February.