Phyllis Diller Dead at 95

Comedian Phyllis Diller had reportedly fallen ill after fall

Comedian Phyllis Diller has died at the age of 95, her manager told TheWrap.

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According to TMZ, Diller died at her Los Angeles home. The site said that she had fallen recently hurting her wrist and hip, and had been receiving hospice care.

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Diller, whose comedic trademarks included her wild hairstyle, big laugh and jokes about her age, rose to prominence as a co-star in Bob Hope television specials and films. She also entertained troops with Hope at the height of the Vietnam War.

Barbra Streisand, who served as Diller's opening act at the Bon Soir nightclub in New York in 1960, remembered Diller as "a wondrous spirit."

"I adored her," Streisand said in a statement. "She was a wondrous spirit who was great to me."

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Diller also starred in two short-lived television shows, the sitcom "The Pruitts of Southampton" (later renamed "The Phyllis Diller Show"), which ran on ABC from 1966-1967, and the NBC variety series "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show," which aired in 1968. In later years she guest starred on "7th Heaven" and "Boston Legal." She performed standup on "The Tonight Show" as recently as 2007.

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In one of her last TV appearances, Diller reprised her role of Gladys Pope on two episodes of the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" this year.

Born Phyllis Ada Driver in Lima, Ohio, Diller was marred and divorced twice. She had six children from her first marriage to Sherwood Anderson Diller, and was also married to actor Warde Donovan. They had no children.

"Fang," the husband she frequently mentioned during her act, was a fictional creation of Diller's.