Piers Morgan Defends Donald Trump: ‘Hillary Wanted to Make Flag-Burning a Crime Too’

On Tuesday, the president-elect fired off a tweet stating people who burn the American flag should face severe consequences

Piers Morgan defended Donald Trump’s comments on desecrating the American flag Tuesday, telling the Twitter community that Hillary Clinton previously “backed criminalisation of flag-burning.”

In a series of tweets, the journalist posted a “memo to Trump-haters going nuts again today” after the president-elect fired off a tweet stating that people who burn the American flag should face severe consequences, even though the practice is protected under the First Amendment.

Even when a Twitter user responded that Clinton never advocated for, as Trump suggested, the removal of U.S. citizenship should someone burn a flag, Morgan had a comment for that.

Trump’s initial tweet read, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” The tweet is presumably a response to Hampshire College students burning flags as a way to protest the election results.

Morgan begged for Trump haters to “give him a chance,” once again reminding fellow Twitter users that Clinton campaigned for “this flag-burning issue.” However, he added that he doesn’t “support” the media mogul, but just simply wants to “point out the absurdly demented behavior of all you Trump-hating fanatics.”

According a New York Times article from 2005, Clinton co-sponsored a bill to “criminalize the burning of the American flag. Her supporters would characterize this as an attempt to find a middle way between those who believe that flag-burning is constitutionally protected free speech and those who want to ban it, even if it takes a constitutional amendment.”

Presidential transition team communications director Jason Miller appeared on CNN’s “New Day” shortly after Trump’s tweet to defend his boss.

“Flag burning is completely ridiculous and I think you know that. I think the vast majority of Americans would agree,” Miller said before CNN’s Chris Cuomo chimed in, “But legal.”

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