Piers Morgan Says Elon Musk Canceled an Interview After He Criticized Letting Alex Jones Back on Twitter

“I never imagined in a million years that the king of free speech would be so offended,” the host says

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BAFTA LA

Piers Morgan is making the jump from live TV to YouTube-first news.

In an interview with Semafor published on Thursday, Morgan said that he hoped to interview Elon Musk as part of the transition, but the so-called “king of free speech” canceled their planned four-hour meeting after he saw a clip in which Morgan criticized the decision to allow Alex Jones back on Twitter/X.

Morgan explained, “I never imagined in a million years that the king of free speech would be so offended by this seven-minute clip that he’d cancel the interview.” Still, he added, he has held on to hope that Musk will change his mind and “can see his way past me giving him some pretty mild criticism.”

He also told the outlet he was invited to Austin by Musk on Jan. 7, but the tech founder later retracted the offer via a DM that also contained a link to a clip of Morgan in which he slammed the decision.

While in conversation with British rapper and podcaster Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue, who is known by his stage name Zuby, in the December clip, Morgan said Jones was “just found guilty by several courts of the most egregious defamation in modern American history” and said Musk was hypocritical for reversing the decision to ban Jones in the first place.

The day after his interview with Zuby, Morgan again took Musk to task for the change. While speaking to YouTuber Count Dankula, journalist Glenn Greenwald and progressive activist Nomiki Konst on Dec. 14, 2023, Morgan said at the end of the show, “Personally, there has to be a line with people like Jones who commit atrocious defamations are not held remotely accountable for it and are then welcomed back like free speech heroes.”

He added, “They’re not free speech heroes – he’s a hate speech monster – for me.”


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