Piers Morgan Goes Into ‘Twitter Detox’: ‘I Can’t Stomach Any More’

“Frankly, I’m bored witless by all YOUR opinions… and by MY opinions,” British media personality writes

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If Twitter seemed just a wee bit less combative on Thursday, there may be a reason.

British media personality and outspoken Twitter user Piers Morgan took to the social media platform on Thursday — to announce that he is sick of it, and has gone into “Twitter detox.”

Morgan offered a laundry list of topics that he had grown weary of, including “Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brexit hysteria” and “Omarosa bulls—.”

“I can’t stomach any more Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brexit hysteria, Omarosa bulls— or ‘Madonna inspired me to be f—ing annoying’ birthday tributes,” Morgan wrote.

“Frankly, I’m bored witless by all YOUR opinions…and by MY opinions,” the “Good Morning Britain” personality continued. “So I’ve gone to this beach for a Twitter detox. Bye.”

Morgan included a photo of a man — it wasn’t clear who — wading into the surf.

Judging from the comments section of Morgan’s tweet, his presence won’t be missed anytime soon by many users of the social-media platform.

“Please try not to return. Just keep walking into the water,” wrote one unwell-wisher. “Kind Regards, Sane humans.”

Yet another Twitter user responded with a photo of birthday girl Madonna — who has been a target of Morgan’s Twitter wrath — flipping the double-bird.

“Let’s all pray for a tsunami,” offered another member of the Twitterati.

“This is the best news I have read all year,” read another reply.

Read Morgan’s bye-bye tweet and more responses below.