Piers Morgan Calls Trump ‘a Coward’ After Synagogue Shooting Comments: ‘Grow a Pair’

British media personality calls for Trump to ban AR-15s after latest deadly incident

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has once again gone off on President Donald Trump after the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend, calling Trump a “coward” and telling him to “Grow a pair” and ban the Ar-15 rifle in America.

In a column for the Daily Mail published Monday, Morgan scoffed at Trump’s suggestion that things might have turned out differently if “they had some kind of protection inside the temple.”

Noting that four officers were shot during the incident in Pittsburgh, Morgan wrote, “they were armed, highly trained, and knew what they were dealing with by the time they arrived at the synagogue … So what possible chance would a solitary guard have to stop a lunatic who burst in during a service blazing away with a semi-automatic rifle?”

Morgan went on to reflect on Trump’s “paymasters at the NRA,” writing, “they now have a compliant President who will do their bidding, because he thinks it will be electoral suicide not to.”

In the column, Morgan ticked off a list of mass shootings in America in which an AR-15 was involved, writing, “This is not a coincidence … The reason why all these shooters used an AR-15 is simple: they’re light, easy to use, and specifically designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible time, and in the most appallingly devastating way.”

Morgan continued that Trump “deliberately chooses to do nothing to stop crazy people repeatedly using AR-15s to slaughter Americans, because he doesn’t want to upset a despicably cynical and ruthless lobby group hell-bent on turning America into a militarized state.”

He added, “Stop being such a coward, Mr President.”

Morgan wrapped up his column with a simple suggestion for Trump.

“AR-15s have no place in ANY civilized society,” Morgan wrote. “Grow a pair, and ban them.”

According to NBC News, Robert Bowers, the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, is being charged with 29 federal counts, including 11 counts of use of a firearm to commit murder and 11 counts of obstruction of the exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death.