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Piers Morgan Gets Colin Firth Tonight -- Unless There's Breaking News

Host's taped hour with "King's Speech" cast -- originally scheduled for Jan. 28 -- has been bumped twice by Egypt

It's tricky to book celebrity guests for a talk show on a cable news network when there's an uprising in the Middle East -- just ask Piers Morgan.

Colin Firth and part of the "King's Speech" cast are scheduled to be Morgan's guests on CNN Thursday. They were originally slated to be on during his second week of shows, but the pre-taped interview was bumped on Jan. 28 by that little revolution in Egypt.

The airdate was pushed back, and subsequently bumped again by Mubarak's resignation -- a literal (soon-to-be-dethroned) king's speech.

As Steve Krakauer, Morgan's senior digital producer, noted on Twitter, "Mubarak was in power, The Daily didn't exist [and] Sheen had a 'hernia'" when the interview was initially supposed air.

Bumping celebrities for real news is a no-brainer for CNN, which thrives on its breaking news coverage. But don't tell that to the commenters on Morgan's CNN site. Here are a few:

We have waited to hear Piers interview with Colin Firth. Twice now you advertised it was being aired & instead went on to BREAKING NEWS from Egypt. Please we have seen the van running over people 4 times already in the last 30 minutes! It would be nice if Piers would have on BOTH occasions the interview was to be aired Explained that the show was being interrupted for breaking news.

I am fed up with seeing Egypt covered, and yes ... I know it's real, etc., etc., etc. Piers, leave the breaking news to CNN news anchors and Anderson Coop, eh? Do what you do best and [interview] the famous folks.

We all know that the situation in Egypt is important, but there are plenty of other shows devoted to current news events. Why does Piers Morgan have to drop everything and present the same news as every other news show? I am not tuning in to his show for current events. I am watching because I want to see interesting interviews with celebrities and politicians.

For what it's worth, the Firth interview is good, from what I've seen. Morgan gets him to (gasp!) denounce the idea of a monarchy. Via the transcript:

MORGAN: Do you think the institution is a good one?

FIRTH: I really like voting. It's one of my favorite things.

MORGAN: So unelected institution isn't really your cup of tea.

FIRTH: It is a problem for me.

Here's a clip: