Piers Morgan Knocks CNN’s Ratings, Obama, Gun Laws on Fox News’ Hannity (Video)

“The reality of CNN is it’s quite schizophrenic,” Morgan said of his former network while talking with show host Sean Hannity

Former CNN host Piers Morgan popped up on cable news again on Monday night, sitting down with Sean Hannity on his Fox News show.

“I’ve competed against you, or tried to, for many years,” Morgan told his old rival. No longer attempting to grab primetime ratings for himself, Morgan discussed why his former network sees so many ups and downs.

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“The reality of CNN is it’s quite schizophrenic,” Morgan said. “When big things happen, the ratings are huge at CNN. I would get ratings ten times the normal ratings for stories like the Boston Marathon bombing, bin Laden’s death and so on.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Morgan was named MailOnline’s U.S. Editor-At-Large. He left CNN in February after his show, “Piers Morgan Live” was canceled. His contract with the cable station officially ended in September.

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Morgan and Hannity also came together to slam President Obama and his failed policies.

“I feel with Obama, his real issue is, what is his legacy going to be?” Morgan said. “I watched him go down to Newtown, look those families in the eyes and promise, ‘I will get action’ and then deliver precisely nothing.”

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The issue of gun control became a reoccurring topic of conversation on Morgan’s CNN program. Hannity challenged Morgan’s stance on an American institution considering he is British-born.

“It would be like me going to Great Britain and, I don’t understand your love of the monarchy and for me to be critical of that is going for the core of a tradition,” Hannity told his guest.

“I have been carrying a gun for more than half of my adult life,” Hannity said. “I carry a weapon.”

“Are you carrying now?” Morgan asked.

“Yes sir,” Hannity responded.

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The discussion remained civil, despite their difference of opinion.

“After Sandy Hook, absolutely nothing changed, and I found that unconscionable,” Morgan said.

Hannity invited Morgan to come back and debate the issue further at a later time.

Watch the video of Piers Morgan on “Hannity” above.