Madonna’s Bare Breasts: Piers Morgan Just Ain’t Feelin’ ‘Em

Media personality warns that Material Mom’s naked mammaries could swing the election to Donald Trump

Last Updated: June 13, 2017 @ 10:35 AM

Piers Morgan has once again milked female toplessness for social media attention.

The media personality made a grave prediction after Madonna posted a topless photo of herself in an effort to persuade voters to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“This might swing the election…to @realDonaldTrump,” Morgan posited of the Material Mom’s get-out-the, uh, vote campaign.

So, he’s saying Madonna‘s breasts swing to the right?

Madonna posted the photo on Wednesday, declaring her topless solidarity with singer Katy Perry, who pulled a similar stunt this week.

“Im voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!,” Madonna wrote, adding, or perhaps threatening, “Nude Voting series # 1.”

This is far from the first time that Morgan has criticized famous females on social media after they bared flesh.

Most recently, Morgan blasted Kim Kardashian after she posted a nude photo of herself.

“Just put it/them away, luv,” Morgan wrote. “@KimKardashian – seriously. Getting a bit desperate now.”

And back in March, Morgan took aim at Kardashian and her pal Emily Ratajkowski, after the two posed topless on social media.

“Just a thought @KimKardashian @emrata – but you could always try wearing a little dignity?” Morgan huffed at the time, adding, “RIP feminism.”