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Piers Morgan Rips Emily Ratajkowski for Using ‘Dumb Self-Promoting’ Topless Photo for Abortion-Law Protest

British media personality says that actress-model ”ruined“ an otherwise good message with a flesh-baring photo

Piers Morgan has once again found himself at odds with a skin-baring Emily Ratajkowski on the battleground of social media.

British media personality Morgan took his latest jab at actress-model Ratajkowski on Thursday, criticizing her for pairing a message criticizing Alabama’s anti-abortion law with a photo of herself sans clothing.

As Morgan saw it, while Ratajkowski’s sentiment was solid, she “ruined” the message with “such a dumb self-promoting photo.”

In her post, published to her social-media accounts Thursday, Ratajkowski shared a photo of herself, naked save for a strategically placed forearm and hand over her breasts and a pink, leaf-like covering over her crotch.

Ratajkowski also shared her thoughts on Alabama’s bill — and her criticism was as naked as the photo that accompanied it.

“This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Alabama even in cases of incest and rape,” Ratajkowski wrote. “These men in power are imposing their wills onto the bodies of women in order to uphold the patriarchy and perpetuate the industrial prison complex by preventing women of low economic opportunity the right to choose to not reproduce.”

She continued, “The states trying to ban abortion are the states that have the highest proportions of black women living there. This is about class and race and is a direct attack on the fundamental human rights women in the US deserve and are protected by under Roe vs. Wade. Our bodies, our choice.”

Morgan likewise made his own choice — to take a shot at Ratajkowski via his Twitter account.

“Right message, ruined by such a dumb self-promoting photo,” Morgan wrote.

Morgan’s critique was met with mixed responses in the comments section of his tweet.

“Confusing when the message is women should be able to do what they choose with their own bodies, but you’re against the image?” read one response.

“Agreed, the photo is unnecessary,” read another, pro-Morgan response.

And then there was, “The only thing that photo has ruined is my underpants Piers.”

See Ratajkowski’s post, and Morgan’s assessment of it, below.