Piers Morgan Shredded for ‘Woman Shaming’ Madonna: ‘Truly Vile Scum’

“Why are you so unpleasant? Is there really any need to attack people’s appearance constantly?” one commenter asks British media personality

Last Updated: September 6, 2018 @ 2:37 PM

Maybe Piers Morgan should consider another Twitter detox.

British media personality and social media crank Morgan took a shot at “Vogue” singer Madonna on Thursday, and received quite the shellacking himself.

Morgan took aim at Madonna via Twitter, posting an image of her from the Daily Mail.

“Madonna PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Singer, 60, displays remarkably smooth complexion and gold grill as she enjoys a late night dinner in London,” the Mail’s headline read.

Morgan’s assessment was considerably less complimentary.

“Yikes. Is it Halloween already??” Morgan wrote.

While some commenters found humor in Morgan’s jab, many more went after the “Good Morning Britain” personality.

“Maintaining your show-business persona must be a pain in the arse for you Piers – having to say something ‘funny’ (often at someone else’s expense) on a regular basis,” read one response. “People age. Madonna’s starting to look like a nice old lady. Will you grow out of being a schoolboy? Who knows ?”

“Bullying @piersmorgan – not cool man,” read another reply.

“How rude, glass houses?!” another Morgan detractor weighed in.

“Woman shaming. Nice work,” another commenter wrote, adding an eyes-rolling emoji.

“I quite enjoy your very witty riposte to the odd Twitter offender but this is rather ‘ungentlemanly’ conduct!” another critic wrote.

And then there was, “Why are you so unpleasant? Is there really any need to attack people’s appearance constantly? Kindness costs nothing.”

“That’s a mean thing to say,” another disappointed commenter wrote. “So disrespectful.”

On the more coarse end of the criticism, there was, “You’re such a c–tface Morgan. Truly vile scum you are! Just f— off!”

This isn’t the first time that Morgan has taken aim at Madonna. Prior to the 2016 election, when the singer tweeted a topless photo of herself in an effort to persuade voters to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Morgan responded, “This might swing the election…to @realDonaldTrump,”

That same year, Morgan took another shot at Madonna, calling a video of the singer “grotesque” and saying it made him “physically sick.”

Read Morgan’s latest jab at Madonna below.