Piers Morgan Shredded Over His Latest Emily Ratajkowski Jab: ‘You’re Just a Bully!’

“Do you hate all woman [sic] or just the ones you know won’t ride you?” one commenter asks British media personality after his latest dig at “Blurred Lines” model

emily ratajkowski

Oh, dear. Piers Morgan has received quite the dressing-down over his latest dig at Emily Ratajkowski.

The British media personality once again turned his Twitter venom toward model/actress Ratajkowski on Friday, only to have a good many people turn against him in the responses to his tweet.

Morgan took his latest shot at Ratajkowski via a photo of the “Blurred Lines” breakout sensation in a long coat and boots, to which Morgan added the comment: “BREAKING NEWS: Emily Ratajkowski caught wearing clothes.”

Numerous commenters had their own breaking news for Morgan, who has frequently gone after Ratajkowski over her flesh-friendly pushes for feminism: Namely, they weren’t amused that Morgan was now jabbing at her for being clothed.

“One can assume you are referring to #EmilyRatajkowski & her appearance in the 2013 video ‘Blurred Lines’ by the popular beat combo Robin Thicke with the implication that since that time she has never yet appeared in what can be described as street clothes,” one wag wrote. “How delightfully witty.”

“You’re one of these tedious bell ends that continuously antagonizes people, then whenever they give their opinion you put it down as a ‘bite,’” another Morgan critic weighed in. “Give it a rest man.”

Another response read, “[H]ow sad that you’ve taken the time out of your day to tweet this while claiming to be so ‘above it all.’”

“Do you hate all woman [sic] or just the ones you know won’t ride you,” another commenter asked.

“Obsessed much?” another Morgan critic asked.

“BREAKING NEWS: Piers Morgan still can’t stop obsessing over celebrities that dislike him,” another voice in the anti-Morgan chorus rang out.

“You’re just a bully!” read another response. “An old man with nothing better to do! It’s pathetic.”

And so on.

Read Morgan’s latest shot at Ratajkowsi and some choice responses below.