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PilotWatch 2010: Brancato, Salke on the Case for ABC

Here’s what’s moving forward at the networks today as development season takes flight

Two more dramas are a go at ABC, including a cop drama from the hard-working team of Chris Brancato and Bert Salke. We still wish ABC had greenlit their remake of "Footballer$ Wives." Not that anyone asked.

Details below:


One-hour drama pilot

ABC Network from ABC Studios

Teleplay by Jon Feldman and Chris Brancato

Story by Jon Feldman, Chris Brancato & Bert Salke

EPs: Jon Feldman, Chris Brancato and Bert Salke

Logline: A group of San Francisco homicide detectives reunite to solve the murder of one of their own, in the process reviving old passions, rivalries and friendships.


MATADORS (fka Montagues and Capulets)

One-hour drama pilot

ABC Network from Sony Pictures Television

EP/W: Jack Orman

Logline: Two long-feuding families (รก la Montagues and Capulets) battle against each other as one populates the Chicago District Attorney’s office and the other manages the most influential private law firm in the city.

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