‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin’ Stars Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland Admit It’s ‘Easy’ Falling in Love With Each Other on Screen (Video)

“We’re really good at staring into each other’s eyes lovingly, but also confused about what the other is thinking,” Hyland joked with TheWrap

(Warning: Slight spoilers ahead for “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin”.)

It may be hard to picture “Pitch Perfect” antagonist Bumper Allen with anyone but Fat Amy — even if she did dump him in the third film with no regrets — but it might be a little easier in “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.” That’s because we’ve already watched series star Adam Devine fall in love with Sarah Hyland before. According to the duo, it was very easy for them to do on screen.

Fans got their first taste of Devine and Hyland’s chemistry back on “Modern Family,” where Hyland starred as Haley Dunphy. In Season 5, Devine joined the show for a 13-episode arc as Andy Bailey, eventually becoming Haley’s boyfriend. Sadly, it didn’t work out for them in the end. But, at least for now, there’s hope for the duo.

In Peacock’s new series, now streaming, Devine returns as Bumper, while Hyland stars as newcomer Heidi. Heidi works as Pieter Kramer’s (Flula Borg, returning after his introduction in “Pitch Perfect 2”) assistant, and it’s clear from her first meeting with Bumper that there’s chemistry. According to Hyland, that’s largely because their years of knowing each other have fostered a real “trust.”

“I personally think it was so easy,” Hyland told TheWrap. “I mean, we have such chemistry, and we’re such good friends outside for so long now, that like, we have that trust and vulnerability with each other. And we’re really good at staring into each other’s eyes lovingly, but also confused about what the other is thinking. So it was good, we’re real good at that.”

Devine readily agreed, saying they “mastered” that early on. “It might be hard for Sarah, but it’s pretty easy for me,” he joked.

Of course, whether Bumper and Heidi actually make it remains to be seen in “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.” Though Bumper comes to grips with his feelings toward Heidi, and even confesses them to her outright, the season finale leaves fans on a cliffhanger as to what’s in store for Heidi’s career, and their possible future together.

As singing on stage with Bumper, Heidi gets an offer from a record label, but it’s back in LA. So, she’s left with a choice. Singing is all she’s ever wanted to do, but taking the leap is a bit overwhelming. Even for Hyland herself, that nervousness and excitement was pretty real in this series.

“It was both terrifying as well as exciting, you know?” Hyland said. “Coming from, like, being a little Broadway kid and stuff, it’s always in me, it’s always wanting to come out. And I’m always trying to jump at the chance to do musicals, but not a lot are out there right now. So this was so much fun for me to do.”

She continued, “But it’s also terrifying, because you know, you in theater, only a certain amount of people see it, but this is going to be on Peacock, and we hope a lot of people watch this! So that was terrifying that like, it’s out there more. But if you don’t take a leap, you’re not gonna get any growth. And I really am excited for people to hear me sing because I’ve been doing it for my entire life.”

You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Devine and Hyland in the video above. All six episodes of “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin” are now streaming on Peacock.